Whatcom County Remembers 9/11

Jon Mutchler

9/11/01, My 42nd birthday

ferndale wa WA

9-11-01 was my 42nd birthday. I was at work early (5 am) working on a church project while listening to the local sports radio station ( AM 1170). I never listen to sports radio but was this time because the Mariner's were smoking hot, on their way to 116 wins that season. I was caught up in the enthusiasm. Then around 5:45 AM there were broadcast interruptions about one plane, then a second, then back to sports. Back and forth: sports and planes. I wasn't conscious as to the moment when the radio network transitioned from all-sports, to sports/planes, to all-9/11. As the gravity of the event mounted I couldn't decide whether to go home to see it on the TV or stay near the radio. It was too much to take in and I just didn't want to see it "live" on TV. Radio was enough. Eventually I had to go home to gather the family to talk about what was happening to our nation. A birthday I will never forget. That night we opened our church for a special church service. We met people at that service who remain friends to this day.

Rev. Jon R. Mutchler Ferndale

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